Touring Solo VS Joining A Tradition Tour

April 12, 2017
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April 12, 2017 Donny A

Touring Solo VS Joining A Tradition Tour

The Tradition Tour Difference – PART 1

If you have read my bio you will know I am well-traveled, at least I think so. It was the experiences I had while traveling that drove me to get into the travel game. One of the questions we often get asked is what do I gain by joining an escorted tour versus “doing it on our own”? 

The difference really comes down to experience, both yours and ours.

  1. Our Experience:
    Insights not found in guidebooks.Traveling with any of our Tradition Tours affords you the benefit of our teams’ knowledge & experience in navigating the local culture, sites, and history.Let’s take Israel for example. Israel is a unique country where literally every step you take you are walking in history.One of the great anecdotes told by our guides is a famous story that took place in Jerusalem’s old city, where some workmen were replacing underground sewage pipes. As they were in the process of working one of them fell through a hole and found himself in a home from the second temple era.This is the real Israel, the inside track,  and this is one of the reasons we recommend a guided tour to ensure you get to “soak up” and learn all about this historically rich country, doing it alone just isn’t the same.
  2. Your Experience: Getting the most out of your schedule, without the stressWe have all been on vacation and woke up feeling too lazy to get up, letting the cards fall where they may on our morning schedule. When we finally make it down to breakfast, the hotel staff has to warn us that they are closing the dining room in 10 minutes… Which delays our getting out the door to start the day.This has happened to me on vacation, and while I may have been happy to get a few extra hours lounging in bed, I always come to regret the lost time once I get home. I always get that call from a friend asking if I did such and such? and my response is, “no we were too lazy to get up so we missed it.”

    While there are some vacations, such as a beach vacation, where lounging is all that you want to have on your agenda, traveling to another country is a chance to take in the culture history, and experiences that you would not be able to have otherwise.

    Traveling to Israel is an active vacation where you want to maximize your time to the fullest. The best way to do so with a tour guide to ensure you don’t miss anything. And if you know you have a tour guide waiting for you, you are going to get moving and be ready on time!

    And of course, if you are traveling on a group tour you don’t want to be the ones to be late and hold up the bus.

  3. Our Experience: SafetyWhen you are not in your home country, there is always a concern of safety. Traveling alone, you may get lost or G-d forbid end up in hospital, trust me, it is unfortunate but these things happen. Having someone you can reach 24/7 is a very valuable resource, for your piece of mind during your trip, as well as for your relatives back home.Not only do all Tradition Tours come with guides that are government certified in history and culture, but also have extensive safety procedures to address anything that may occur while on vacation. Additionally, our US based support staff are available around the clock to coordinate anything that needs overseeing.

With our tours, we ensure that you get out to soak up the culture and history of the sites and cities you will be visiting, safely and without stress. This is not a business trip to the Far East where you feel like you are in a cocoon being taxied from one meeting to another and then back to your hotel. When you travel with Tradition Tours you will have a fantastic cultural and historical experience, so contact us today and let’s start planning an experience of a lifetime!