Is Israel safe?

October 9, 2017
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October 9, 2017 Donny A

Is Israel safe?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question we encounter is; “Is Israel safe?”

We understand why people ask this after all the State Department has had some sort of travel warning about Israel since it was founded 70+ years ago. Not to mention the news reports about unrest at the border.

So, let’s deal with the facts:

    1. More than 7.5 million tourists travel to Israel each year
    2. Tourism one of the biggest industries in the entire country of Israel
      1. If Israel wasn’t safe, as you can imagine, the tourism industry would struggle, not thrive
        1. Don’t take our word for it!
          Check the flight arrivals at Israel’s largest airport, Ben Gurion, and you will see daily flights arriving from major cities in most parts of the world, and to countless cities within Europe.
  • Time-Tested Security Measures
    1. This sacred land has been the site of many wars over the centuries. As a result, Israeli’s have developed the best security operation on the planet.
    2. It is for this reason that when there is a terrorist incident anywhere in the world, the local government turns to Israel for guidance on how to improve their security.
  • A Nation Of Trained Soldiers
    1. With a mandatory national enrolment in the Israeli armed forces, all Israel citizens are taught modern security tactics as part of their basic training.
      This means that every Israeli Man and Woman has served in the army and is effectively a team of Security Guards.

Now that we have established some basic facts, here are some of the security measures that Tradition Tours have in place on every tour.

  • Active Support Team
    All tour guides in Israel are in constant contact with the “situation room”, in the event that there is a security alert anywhere in the country they are alerted to ensure the safety of the tourists for whom they are responsible for.
  • Trained Escort Team
    All Tradition Tour vehicles are driven and led by skilled personnel who are trained in situational security measures to ensure, for one thing, that only tour participants approach the vehicles, ensuring participants remain with the group, as well as situational avoidance measures that ensure safety on the highest caliber.
  • Avoiding Conflict Zones
    All Tradition Tour Itineraries are reassessed daily. Before we head to a new destination our team is briefed on everything from the weather, to traffic, to parades in the area… If there is ever a concern for passenger safety, or just an unusually long delay, our guides will alter the destination to one that is more suited to the conditions of the day.

In short, Israel is a place where security is paramount, for both its citizens and visitors. At any point during the tour, you will see security guards outside the restaurants, hotels, schools, museums and other points of interest. All there to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay in the country.

We always say the only reason Israel is in the news when it’s a slow news day and there is nothing else to report. So, contact us today, we look forward to sharing the Tradition Tours experience with you and your family.